B&K Water Extraction and Mold Services

24/7 Emergency Response Clean Up And Service

We are an emergency response company specializing in water extraction and mold remediation.We can perform any size job from a simple small area dry out to full home remediation. We started out our services as a plumbing company and while responding to calls for water disasters noticed that the remediation and restoration companies that were responding were excessively charging the clients and insurance way too much. We provide discounts to offset the high cost of the work.Our remediation services started by providing strictly for HOA's and property managements. We now offer our services to the general public through self pay or insurance claims. We discount the overall price to be more affordable. We are a family owned and operated company and are more personable than some of those national franchises. Allow us to serve you in your time of need and you will  not be disappointed.


  • Naples, Florida, United States
  • PO BOX 8989